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Holy Infant Catholic 
School, building on a foundation of academic excellence, in partnership with parents and the parish community, strives to teach as Jesus did - in faith, with love and respect, helping each child to achieve his or her full spiritual and academic potential.


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The following is a list of the items enclosed in this all-inclusive packet. Please make sure you received all the items listed below and read them carefully. Most of this information is also available on the school website,
We would prefer that you respond to the volunteer forms online, which will be available starting Saturday, August 30, but if you would rather respond on paper we understand! Please be sure to return signed Media Authorization and Internet Acceptable Use forms for each student. All forms should be completed and returned to school by September 8, 2014

• Option C Access Information
• Volunteer Forms 
 -All-School Volunteer Opportunities Form – one per family (we prefer that you complete online beginning 8/30/14) 
-Classroom Volunteer Form – one per Jr. Kindergarten through Grade 8 student, not available for 3-year-old Preschool program (we prefer that you complete online beginning 8/30/14) 
 -Music Volunteer Form 
• Media Authorization (please sign and return one for each student.)
Internet Acceptable Use Agreement (please sign and return one for each student.) 
 -Letter from Health Room Coordinator/Medication Policy 
 -Allergy information sheet by grade level 
- 2 Emergency Cards – two cards per family. Please note: Both cards must be filled out on the front and back, signed and returned. 
• Information about General Mills Boxtops and Campbell Soup Labels 
• Information on the Holy Infant SCRIP program 
• Information about the 10th Annual Holy Infant School Dinner Auction and Sign-up Parties 
• Information about the annual Parish Fall Festival 
• Information about the Men’s Club and the annual golf tournament 
• Information about the Girls in the Know program 
• Virtue Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) Magazine

Information about Student Accident Insurance is available to any family in our school that is interested in enrolling. This coverage is offered through K&K Insurance Group, Inc., a company that has been dealing with student accident insurance for many years. The plans are underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, an A.M. Best A+ “Superior” rated carrier. To find more information about the program visit K&K’s website at Online enrollment is available at this site. 

Information is also available in the school office or through the link on the school website,

Mid-Day Recreation Letter

August, 2014

Dear Parents,

Our Mid-Day Recreation Program involves all the parents of students in Holy Infant School, full day Kindergarten through Grade 8. Every Holy Infant School family is required to share in the responsibility of supervising students during the lunch period. This program is vital to the safety and welfare of your children. Again this year each family is required to perform four duties to insure that your children are adequately supervised. It is our preference that you sign up for Mid-Day Recreation duty, but we do understand that schedules do not always allow parents this option. For your convenience, we offer the following two options and ask you to carefully consider which will work best for you.

1) I will be available to perform four Mid-Day Recreation duties this school year

2) I will not be available and will pay the buyout fee of $90

If you do elect to perform Mid-Day Recreation duty, we ask that you please make every effort to be present for your four assigned duties. You are free to trade with other parents if you cannot report on your assigned day. If you cannot report for your assigned duty and cannot find someone to trade with you, you must contact and pay a substitute on your own. We will provide a Mid-Day Recreation Sub List and you will be responsible for paying your substitute a fee of $30.

If you do not report for duty and do not fill your assigned duty with a substitute, you will be charged the fine of $90. As before, if your substitute fails to fulfill your duty, you will be responsible for the $90 fine.

Procedure for Finding a Substitute

• If you cannot arrange a trade with someone and need to hire a substitute, contact someone from the Mid-Day Recreation Sub List and arrange for them to fill your duty.

• You must drop off a check for $30 made out to your sub or an envelope containing $30 cash labeled with their name to the School Office before Monday morning of the week after they worked your duty. Subs should come by the School Office on the Monday after they worked to pick up their pay.

• Everyone reporting for duty should sign in at the School Office on a special Mid-Day Recreation Duty sign in sheet. If you are a paid substitute, please indicate on the sheet who you are replacing.

Mid-Day Recreation Substitute List

Please indicate on your form if you wish to be included on the Mid-Day Recreation Substitute List. We ask that you give serious consideration as to your availability before making this commitment. While you would not be expected to be available every time you are called, we would hope that your schedule is somewhat flexible. If you know you are only available certain days, please list your availability. Be sure to include the phone number/email address where it is best to reach you.

Safe Environment Program

You will not be allowed to perform Mid-Day Recreation Duty if you have not completed the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program requirements. You may call Kris Mispagel at the Rectory at 636-227-7440 for further information on this program or to find the next available “Protecting God’s Children” class. If you wish to sign up for Mid-Day duty and are not in compliance but are in the process of completing the requirements, please indicate on your form when you expect to be eligible for duty so you are not scheduled before then. If your scheduled date arrives and you have not yet met the requirements, you will have to find a substitute.

We ask that you respond to this letter by August 22 to allow us to complete the Mid-Day Recreation schedule in a timely manner. You may either fill out the Mid-Day Registration form online under the “School News” tab of the website or download and print a copy of this letter and return the completed last page to the School Office. Remember that if you have elected to buy out, you will need to send your $90 check to the School Office. If you have any questions regarding the Mid-Day Recreation Program, please call Donna at 636-227-0802, ext. 2.


Sr. Rosario

Mid-Day Recreation On-Line Sign-Up

Printable Mid-Day Recreation Sign-Up Form

The Holy Infant Parish Picnic is September 12th & 13th.
They are looking for volunteers to help with this event.

Please link below for more information!

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