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Holy Infant Catholic 
School, building on a foundation of academic excellence, in partnership with parents and the parish community, strives to teach as Jesus did - in faith, with love and respect, helping each child to achieve his or her full spiritual and academic potential.


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School will resume on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Friday, December 19th is the last day
 of the 2nd Quarter.  

Report Cards will go home on Friday, January 9th.

In the event that School is closed for weather, Holy Infant will activate SchoolReach to telephone all families early in the morning with a recorded message about school closing. The school closing will also post on local television Channels 2, 4, and 5 (and their websites), along with our School Website.

Holy Infant uses SchoolReach, a widely used phone broadcast system. Here are some things you should know about these phone broadcasts:

>> Your Caller ID will say Holy Infant School, 636-227-0802

>> When you answer the phone, there will be a delay before you hear the recorded message. Do not hang up. If you see Holy Infant on your Caller ID at 6:00am, it is most likely for a school closing message.

>> Multiple live answers – saying “hello” more than once – will delay the message.

>> If you do not have voicemail and do not answer the phone, SchoolReach will call back 2 more times. If you do not answer and see Holy Infant School on your Caller ID, remember to check the media for school closing information.

>> The system will detect that your answering machine has answered, and will play the recording to your voicemail. Make sure your machine or voicemail answers after 4 rings or you may miss the message. The system will wait 3 seconds before playing the message with a maximum wait time of 20 seconds. Please wait for the recorded message.

>> You will hear from Holy Infant on your home number and cell numbers, along with an email to the addresses provided. 

>> If your phone numbers or email addresses have changed, please inform the School Office immediately, so we can update our system.

As we prepare for the cold weather months, we would like to remind students and parents of our recess guidelines.

If the temperature, plus windchill, is less that 20 degrees, students will not go outside for recess.

Please remember to send your child to school with a winter coat, gloves, and hat.

To Print the Menu or Bulletin, please click on the Menu & Bulletin Link and then download the selected document.
Please check the Mid-Day Recreation Calendar to find out when your duties are.


Holy Infant School

Holy Infant School